A unique experience that combines science and essence

What is unique in INNER?

INNER SCIENCE modulates the ocean EESENCE, affording the following advantages:

INNER eliminates the 2-nonenal (odor associated to aging) of our skin, allowing a return to youth.

INNER also contains an inhibitor of 4-hydroxy nonenal, a carbonyl type free radical produced by the skin as a result of stress and lipid peroxidation, which is extremely harmful for our skin, since it destroys essential proteins such as collagen and elastin. The protective effect of INNER as an anti-free radical Eau de Parfum constitutes a great innovation, with important benefits for our skin.

INNER combines active ingredients with the ocean essence, avoiding the lipid disruption induced by alcohol.

INNER introduces for the first time the concept of 0% alcohol 0% tensioactive agents through dispersion of the essence in aqueous molecular films that moreover affords longer duration of the product in the skin, with continuous and homogeneous perception of the perfume for many hours.

INNER introduces the concept of Body Essensations (body care) based on molecular matrixes that allow perception of the perfume in the skin for up to 24 hours, with intense hydration and revitalization of the skin.

Why is the 0% alcohol concept of INNER important?

Because alcohol destroys or distorts lipid arrangement in the horny layer – the protective barrier of the skin – causing percutaneous toxicity and favoring the appearance of skin alterations and eczema.

The exclusive essence of OCEAN contains Sirtalice™, a molecule found in the ocean of Reunion Island, at a depth of 3400 meters. In addition to its significant skin care properties, it is the active ingredient that offers the smell of the deep ocean, with one common purpose: the wellbeing of your skin.

CORAL contains Seadermium™, an exclusive molecule found at low depths in the coral reefs of Reunion Island. It is the odor of the coral sea.

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