INNER, the first cosmetic perfume

A unique experience that combines science and essence

Reunite with your youth

INNER, your cosmetic perfume

INNER contains touches of odor of the deep sea (OCEAN) or coral (CORAL) together with active ingredients from the sea: peptides that inhibit bad body odor and marine molecular films that allow prolonged perception of the perfume.

The origin, that’s how everything began

In the scientific Malaspina expedition, the oceanographic vessel Hespérides started a voyage around the world.

Its visit to Reunion Island revealed the existence of the active ingredients that would conform the essence of OCEAN and CORAL.

The active ingredient of OCEAN was found at a depth of 3400 meters, in a virgin and inaccessible zone that remains unalterable at a temperature of 1.5°C.

The essence of CORAL originates in the rich ecosystem of the coral reefs, under conditions of temperature that are ideal for a great variety of species.



A sensation of self-confidence as a result of the neutralization of 2-nonenal, which is the molecule that causes the characteristic odor of skin aging. At the same time, it produces an ocean fragrance that is experienced in all its fullness, and with a longer lasting smell sensation.
INNER moreover contains biotechnological active ingredients that palliate the deleterious effects of alcohol, avoiding aggression and favoring hydration of the skin.

INNER Connection


The ocean essence of INNER blends with our own body odor, eliminating 2-nonenal, which is the molecule that causes the characteristic odor of skin aging, and produces a unique odor harmony characteristic of the person that uses INNER.
This odor harmony is transmitted to the people around us through the amygdala of the limbic system of the brain, generating a range of smell sensations that can modulate feelings from simple empathy to strong attraction or even a sensation of falling in love, in the receptor person.

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